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  1. We added a lovely golden girl from Gemstar to our family just over two years ago and we could not be happier. Shelby is the love of our life – she is a lovable goofball who enjoys spending time with the family and being out doors as much as possible. We are now looking to add one more golden to complete our family this fall and can’t wait. I highly recommend Gemstar to anyone!

  2. Thank you for your time on the phone 8/30/2018. I would be pleased to enter into a puppy agreement when appropriate,

  3. Keep in touch, remember the target date for pregnancy confirmation! waiting too long after a dates I give could place you lower on the selection positioning than is your preference….though even last position is without risk!

  4. Hi Beth. Just a quick note to let you know our boy Tasker has been a great puppy and very entertaining. We can’t go anywhere without being stopped and people commenting what a handsome golden he is,(we would agree!). He really wasn’t a “mush” I believe you called him but we love him dearly ! Thanks again!
    Jack & Debbie

  5. Always glad to hear about the kids! That was such a great name I remember him as being very cuddly….but he does have a football name to live up to! Glad you are enjoying him!

  6. Hi Beth (and hopefully others reading):

    My five-month-old puppy Judge (Clooney/Tinsel) is the light of my life. He has a sweet disposition but a strong personality and is very headstrong. He loves just about everyone he meets and is always smiling. I can’t go anywhere without someone asking me where I got him and I always sing your praises! Thank you so much for everything!

  7. Hi Kate….very happy you love your boy. He has to be pretty, that I would be certain of knowing his mom and dad. I know the boys are gregarious and love everyone so maybe the “headstrong” is more his want to be part of things. Tinsel is super sweet and easy though she could kill you with her tail!! And Clooney is a big goober…love my Clooney kids! I love the update! Enjoy!!

  8. Hi BETH ….There is sunshine in all my days since I purchased my golden boy from Gemstar Kennels three years ago. He is very smart and always willing to learn new things. He is very gentle with toddlers and has been a real asset with foster children. He is so loveable and interactive with everyone! I am now preparing him for my new program in Animal-Assisted Therapy. I am anticipating a new puppy from one of your litters next year! Thanks so much !!!

  9. Hi Marcia…thank you for your note. It’s always special to hear about the “working” dogs and how well they do their jobs! Look forward to filling that spot for another!

  10. Hi Beth and all others reading. Jenn and I just wanted to take a little time and share how great our boy Emmitt is doing. His parents were Bea and Azul. He is 8.5 months old now. He has an amazing temperament, he loves to cuddle and show love. He is very smart, super strong, very playful and very agile. Loves the water. He is everything we could want as a member of our family and everything you would expect as a Golden Retriever. As you know Beth this is our 2nd Golden we have adopted from you. Our first who was Roxy was my best friend and she was an amazing, affectionate, loving companion, she was truly an amazing and beautiful Golden Retriever. She meant the world to us and stole our hearts =) Now, Emmitt has stole our hearts all over again! There is no question that your breeding practices are exceptional and you produce amazing dogs that are so much more than dogs, they are family! Thank you for bringing Emmitt into our lives 7 months ago and Roxy into our lives so many years ago. In a few years when Emmitt is a little older we will be coming back to work with you and get another puppy. Thank you!!

  11. Thank you so much for such nice words! I know losing your Roxy was really tough, I am very glad you were able to find another star to help fill the void! I loved the video btw..very handsome guy! The boys are so goofy! Enjoy many long years of cuddles with him!

  12. Beth, my son and I adopted two pups from a Clooney/Bonnie litter. Maggie May and Jack. They are 15 months old and are wonderful additions to our families. We live quite close to each other, and Maggie May and Jack see each other at least 3 times a week. Watching them romp around is such a joy. They so much enjoy each other’s company. In a previous comment, Jack mentioned the reaction Tasker gets when other people meet him. Ditto here, these two are the center of attention everywhere we go. Needless to say, we are keeping an eye on your future litters in anticipation of another “Golden” addition to our households. I’ve been working on agility training with Maggie May, and she just loves it. Weaves, jumps, ramps and tunnels for now. I’m retired and enjoy every moment of my time with her- training, walks, whatever. By the way, I walked both dogs the other day and just sent you a picture from our adventure. Take care!

  13. So glad to hear you are getting involved with fun and games with your pup! It’s really great to see the updates and how pretty they are! Keep them coming and thank you for such a nice review!

  14. Hello Beth, My family and I would like to thank you again for Sonny, (Berkeley/Tinsel) he is the best! First visit to the vet 2 weeks ago he was 17 lbs, today 28 , he’s a chunk of and very head strong and Very smart. First visit to the vet, she said Sonny was one of the healthiest pups she had ever seen and was also very impressed with the packet you send the pups him with.We will love him for the rest of his and our lives. Thank you for Sonny!!!

  15. Ps. The lady’s in the vets office never want to give Sonny back to us as he is such a mush and so good looking!

  16. I bet he is really handsome too! So glad you love him, sounds like a good match! My Berkley/Tinsel girl is a mush too!

  17. Recommendations for you came via the Golden Retriever WNY Association, and after perusing your website and talking with you on the phone, we completed a puppy application with great expectations. It is obvious that your careful and smart breeding have gotten you well deserved raves. Realize the wait is longer than expected due to Covid, but we are confident that the wait will be well rewarded!

  18. We’ve been lucky to bring home two puppies from Gemstar and I just could not be happier. Shelby is 4 and half years old now and she came out of the box just perfect. So we had to add another dog (of course) and two years later we brought home Sugarbush. Sugar (for short) is just a bundle of energy and keeps us on our toes. Both dogs are lovely, friendly and healthy. I would definitely recommend Gemstar to anyone looking for a great dog.

  19. I adopted a baby girl the day before Easter last year. She is the best. She is my third from this breeder. Everyone who sees her says how gorgeous she is. I have her in obedience training and one day of daycare. They all love her. She is very smart and loving.

  20. Beth- we picked up our Ajax one month ago and he is such a welcome addition to our family. Not only is he beautiful (we too get stopped all the time on our walks) but he is so eager to please and loves his belly rubs!!! We can’t thank you enough !!!!!

  21. I have a 13 year old Golden from gemstar. She is the best!!! Best puppy ever!!

  22. We brought home our Wally (short for Wallace) in November 2021. He is just the best dog. I can’t count the number of times we’ve been told “I hope our dog grows up to be calm and sweet like him!” only for us to respond…he’s only 1 year old! He is the most handsome, sweet, playful, funny, gentle boy, beloved by all who know him. Thank you Beth!

  23. We made the trip to Tennessee (with our boat in tow!) and picked up our puppy Duff in May 2021. Welcoming our puppy capped off a family getaway, saving the best for last. 2 and a half years later, Duff has blossomed into the most handsome, sweet family dog you could imagine. He’s a true lovey dovey, best friend to our kids and admired by all he encounters. We affectionately call him our show dog he is so stunning (no bias here!). I hope one day we add another gem to our family.

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