Some folks may not be aware that I have recently relocated to Tennessee. it’s beautiful here, low stress and friendly.
What does that mean for my puppy buyers??
Since my family is still in the Western New York area and almost 30 years of families that have purchased puppies from me…..If possible, I may transport puppies back to the Western New York area, but in no way can I guarantee this. I will not ship puppies….
Since visits become challenging with such distance,
#1 we have to have a trust relationship
#2 communication is huge
#3 thank goodness for different media outlets!
I stay in close contact with constant text or email picture and video updates.
Of course you are welcome to travel here to visit, Tennessee is just gorgeous! Please be aware that even though I welcome visitors…I am a CLOSED KENNEL. What this means is I am private, not open to public foot traffic and I specifically do not allow visitors when puppies are here. This is to protect the health of the babies that so many families are counting on bringing home.