BISS Am. Can. CH Gemstar’s Indigo Blue, BISSweeps, OS, CGC
Very much missed….Donut
Donut..I miss him so…if there is a heart dog, this was mine. I think of him often. Someday I hope to have Indigo babies again…frozen semen gives us that possibility!
Am. Can. CH Gemstar Good Run Of Bad Luck
Very missed…Puppy Boy…
Forever young this boy was! Happy always, hated when I’d leave…such a good boy!
Am. Can CH Gemstar’s Counter To Counter CGC
Very missed…Sweet Pearly-Roo…
My sweetest Pearly-roo. So beautiful and loving. I miss her face…in mine, first thing in the morning!
As I update this page the rush of memories comes back. The nudges, the cold nose, the hugs. Winning in the ring was second to what these three gave me. And now…so many generations later…they continue.